Ward 2 Project Updates – Overview

  • Jack Darling Memorial Park Tennis Court;
    • Nearly complete, spring/early summer the final surface will be completed;
    • Turf restoration around the court will be completed spring/early summer;
  • Meadowood Park Lacrosse Box;
    • The contractor will be starting improvements on this lacrosse box this spring;
    • The duration of the work is approximately two months;
  • Clarkson Park Lacrosse Box;
    • Work has progressed over the winter months;
    • Work will continue into early summer;
    • Completion summer 2022;
  • Thornlodge Park Pad for ice rink;
    • The contractor will be starting on this improvement next week;
    • The duration of the work will take approximately 3 weeks to complete;
    • The concrete will need to cure for approx. 15 – 20 days after that;
  • Whiteoaks Park Tennis Court;
    • Slated for re-construction starting in the fall of 2022;
    • Project is being tendered as part of a larger package of tennis & basketball works;
    • The work will be completed spring 2023;
    • The existing rink will be impacted this fall, as it is needed to be used as the construction entrance;
  • Clarkson Community Centre Basketball Nets replacement
    • The existing basketball nets in front of the facility will be replaced with new nets this summer;

If you have any questions with respect to the above information, please contact 3-1-1.

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