CN Annual Vegetation Management Program

Canadian National Railway (CN) will be embarking on its annual vegetation control activities between April and October 2022. A regularly updated schedule is available at

The vegetation control activity is essential to ensure that trees, brushes, and other vegetation do not impede motorists’ view of oncoming trains or reduce the visibility of train crews and increase the risk of accidents. It is also to ensure there is no damage to the integrity of the rail bed or interference with signals and switches, trackside warning devices, and compromise rail and public safety.

Most of the vegetation control activity will be by chemical methods and focus on the ballast section (gravelled area), which is 16 – 24 feet (4.9 to 7.3 meters) wide, leaving about 42 feet (13 meters) of right-of-way on each side of the ballast. CN will use mechanical methods such as mowing or brush cutting on the right-of-way on each side of the ballast. The use of chemical control techniques on the ballast section and specific locations of the right of way throughout the network is for public safety.

Track showing Ballast Section and Right of way
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