Mississauga has a Littering Problem

The snow melt in Mississauga has uncovered a big problem – litter – and there’s tonnes of it. The influx of garbage has become a consistent issue for City maintenance crews who are working hard to keep up with the growing amount of litter in the city. Even with additional waste bins and more frequent emptying, litter continues to be a problem in Mississauga.

Don’t get caught with a littering fine.

Fines can run upward of $500. The Debris and Anti-Littering By-law prohibits the throwing, placing or depositing of refuse or debris on private property, or on property of the City. In Mississauga, it’s illegal to dump garbage, renovation, household or bulky items at facilities and parks. Under the Environmental Protection Act an individual or company could face significant penalties for each offence committed.

As residents head out to use local trails, parks and green spaces – the City is asking people to do their part to keep Mississauga litter free.

· Follow all proper waste collection procedures.

· Put your garbage, recycling, dog waste, disposable masks and gloves in the appropriate waste containers. If our park’s waste containers are full, look around – there may be another waste container close by or throw your garbage out at home.

· Remember dog waste goes in waste bins, not recycling bins.

· Don’t dump household waste, old bicycles, construction materials or furniture in the parks.

· If you see litter, debris or illegal dumping, contact the City by calling 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or reporting it online. You can also help clean up litter in your community by adopting a park or road or organize a 20 minute makeover in your neighbourhood.

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