LDD Aerial Spray Update

Residents will be able to enjoy their yard this summer without the effects of the LDD caterpillars, but also the trees will be better protected from the damaging defoliation they can cause.

Trees play a critical role in fighting climate change and making Mississauga a livable city. They protect us by improving air quality, reducing storm water runoff, lowering temperatures, cleaning water and providing habitat for wildlife in Mississauga. Trees are a valuable resource and provide endless benefits to our community. The City is doing all that we can to protect them.

Each year the City’s Parks, Forestry and Environment team monitor specific areas of the city and evaluate which management options are best to reduce the impact of LDD caterpillars. Staff will be returning to Council in the fall with a report on how effective this year’s spray was and with the results of the monitoring to determine the appropriate treatment options for 2023. The City uses an Integrated Pest Management approach, which includes aerial spraying as well as manual controls, to reduce LDD moth populations to manageable levels. Given the high levels of LDD which have been sustained over the last few summers, we are hoping that the outbreak cycle is coming to an end and that natural controls will lead to a crash in the population.  I encourage you to sign up for the city’s email news alerts  to stay informed about the program in the future and to visit our website (Mississauga.ca/LDD) to help report LDD observations and learn what you can do to help reduce LDD on your property.

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